Ahmir Mitchell Commits!



Credit to Clay Williams @Claywill3_ for the Photo.

4* WR Ahmir Mitchell has just committed to the Wolverines. Ahmir has been down to his final two of Ohio State and Michigan for quite some time.

As we have covered previously Ahmir is a 6-3 200 lb. WR. He doesn’t seem to have top end speed but has a quick burst needed to get off of the line. He is a very physical WR and can high point a ball very well. While Ahmir is a WR currently you could see him play in an H-Back role even move to safety if needed. Michigan now has two WR commits with Ahmir Mitchell and fellow New Jersey star Brad Hawkins. Look for the staff to take potentially two more with the depth being so thin at WR. Best realistic options are 4* Dylan Crawford and 3* Keyshawn Young with an outside shot at 4* Donnie Corley.

Ahmir’s Highlights are below.


Also not my photo.

The battle of commits.

Friday night lights will be definitely interesting for Michigan fans this Friday as Chris Evans and Brandon Peters face off.


Photo given by Chris Evans. Made by @Claywill3_

Chris and Brandon played basketball together as kids and now play against each other as Highschool Seniors. Chris comes in with the number two team in the state Ben Davis, while Brandon leads the number twenty-two Avon team. Brandon led his team to a victory with a five touchdown performance last week while Chris also led his team to a victory contributing with three touchdown on four carries!  It will be awesome to keep track of this game with the two future Wolverines.

Rivals 250

In the previous post we talked about the Rivals 100. I will now expand to the Rivals 250 that was released yesterday. Once again The Michigan Opinion uses 247 Sports composite ratings but like to look at individual sites from time to time. Here is a recap of the top 100 post we did two days ago. Then we will expand to the 250.


  • #60. Ben Bredeson
  • #83. Michael Onwenu

There are more than a few targets in the top 100 that have Michigan in their top groups and they are as follows.

  • #2 Rashan Gary
  • #17 Caleb Kelly
  • #46 Terrance Davis
  • #71 Naseir Upshur
  • #82 Donnie Corley
  • #90 Dylan Crawford


Now onto the next 150

  • #115 Erik Swenson
  • #222 Ron Johnson
  • #224 Brad Hawkins Jr.
  • #242 Brandon Peters

The target list is even more impressive. While there will be some names that have mentioned Michigan that will be left off it is because we do not feel that either it is serious interest, the interest is mutual or that we do not feel there is a real shot at them coming to Michigan.


  • #102 Ahmir Mitchell
  • #134 David Long (Stanford Commit)
  • #171 Devin Bush
  • #176 Chris Daniels
  • #182 Lavert Hill
  • #183 Connor Murphy
  • #203 Carlo Kemp

Let us know what you think. Who do you think got snubbed? Who is overrated?




Rivals new top 100

While we use 247 Sports composite rankings, it is nice to see where some of the individual sites have Michigan commits rated. Rivals released their new top 100. Michigan has two commits in the new rankings and they are as follows.

  • #60. Ben Bredeson
  • #83. Michael Onwenu

There are more than a few targets in the top 100 that have Michigan in their top groups and they are as follows.

  • #2 Rashan Gary
  • #17 Caleb Kelly
  • #46 Terrance Davis
  • #71 Naseir Upshur
  • #82 Donnie Corley
  • #90 Dylan Crawford

While there are more on that list that have mentioned Michigan once or twice I feel that these are the most likely that are truly interested in Michigan.

Updates on two big time 2016 Michigan targets:

2016 four star Imhotep (PA) Tight End Naseir Upshur announced on twitter today that he will commit to a school on September 1st. Upshur will decide between Michigan and Florida State. There has been a lot of talk among Michigan fans that Upshur will commit to FSU and that he may already be committed. Pusher visited FSU recently and had very high praise for the coaching staff and the school itself.

A lot of the talk about Upshur going to FSU has been sparked from a tweet in which 2016 five star DB Levonta Taylor, who is committed to FSU, said that FSU has two big time silent commits. A silent commit is simply when a player is committed to the school, but it has not been made public to the outside world. Upshur would certainly fit Taylor’s description of a big time player, but Michigan fans must not overreact. There is no evidence that one of the two silent commits Taylor is talking about is Upshur. It is entirely possible that neither of them is Upshur.

Another reason, that many fans think it is a done deal that Upshur will commit to FSU is because of his visit plans, or lack there of, and his sudden decision to announce a commitment date.

Many people have the misconception that Upshur intended to visit Michigan for their August 2nd BBQ, and then cancelled those plans to instead visit FSU with some of his family. That is false. Upshur stated on twitter that he never intended to attend the BBQ at the big house, and that he would be visiting FSU for the first time.

After the visit to FSU, Upshur came away impressed, using words like “flabbergasted”. This is another reason that Michigan fans have overreacted pertaining to his recruitment.

What many fans haven’t taken into consideration is the idea that Upshur could have very well taken the FSU visit in order to compare it to UM. Now that he has announced a commitment date for September 1st, it is clear that Upshur either came away from his visit to FSU feeling as if FSU had the edge, or perhaps feeling as if Michigan won the battle. To this day Upshur insists that he hasn’t made up his mind, which would contradict the theory among fans that Upshur is already committed to FSU as a silent commit. Whether that is true or not is unknown. The fact remains that neither school can be counted out, and it seems fans will just have to wait to find out which school Upshur commits to on September 1st.

The other big time Michigan target that could commit soon is 2016 four star Cedar Creek (NJ) Wide Receiver Ahmir Mitchell. Mitchell has stated on twitter that August 27th is a date that he could commit on. If he doesn’t commit on the 27th, you should still expect Mitchell to commit before Upshur does on September 1st.

Mitchell and Upshur have remained two of Michigan’s top offensive targets in the class for some time now, and they would both be huge pickups that could potentially play as true freshman. Mitchell will decide between Michigan and rival Ohio State and Upshur will decide between Michigan and FSU.

Stay tuned for more news on their upcoming announcements and remain optimistic in both cases. Checkout the player’s highlights below.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ahmir Mitchell highlights: Junior Year 31,414 Views 7:47                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Naseir Upshur highlights: The Path To Success! 38,393 Views 6:38                                                                                                                            

Brandon Peters update:


Yesterday, 2016 four star Michigan QB commit Brandon Peters began his senior season. It couldn’t have started much better for dynamic QB as he threw for over 250 yards and five touchdowns in a blowout win.

On the same day, Peters received an invite to play in the Army All-American game. Peters had been committed to play in the Semper Fidelis All-American game, but after receiving a new prestigious invite, Peters accepted the invite to play in the Army All-American game. Peters will join a very talented group of Quarterbacks to play in the Army All-American game this year, including composite five star QB and Georgia commit, Jacob Eason, as well as a previous Michigan target, Stanford commit K.J. Costello.

All in all, yesterday was a big day for the Michigan QB commit. Next week Peter’s Avon High School football team will take on Ben Davis High School, the same school that 2016 ATH commit Chris Evans plays for, in Indiana. Stay tuned for updates on how that game goes, as two future teammates face off in what will surely be a closer game than the both of them experienced in their season openers.

2016 DB visiting Baylor today

2016 Louisiana DB Shyheim Carter announced on twitter that he will visit Baylor today. Carter recently de committed from Alabama on August 10th and has been rumored to be a Georgia lean. It is unclear how long Carter wants to hold out before making another commitment, but he has made it clear that he doesn’t particularly want to play in his home state, and is still open to Alabama. Carter is also planning to take an official visit to Michigan.

Michigan has just about one spot left at DB for the 2016 class. Four Star Detroit MLK DB Lavert Hill and four star Elk Grove (CA) DB Lamar Jackson are the top two options for Michigan. With that being said, Michigan would surely not turn down a player as talented as Carter, if he indeed is blown away on his official visit to Michigan and decides to commit. Carter is ranked as a four star, and the number 51 overall player in the 2016 class.

Georgia, Alabama, and Auburn remain teams to watch going forward, but Michigan will have, likely their only shot at him, when he officially visits this fall. Depending on how Carter’s visit to Baylor goes today, they could become a factor as well. Take a look at Carter’s Junior season highlights below!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   MR.CARTER 8,266 Views 8:37