Update: 2014 Safety Montae Nicholson


Position: Athlete 

Ht/Wt: 6’3″/ 203

Offers:31 Offers- Stanford, Oregon, Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, Penn State, Florida State. (Standout)

Class: 2014

Montae has great size for the positions he plays. Which are, Safety, Cornerback, and Wide Receiver. Montae was said to be a Michigan lean. As of now, It looks a little more open. Montae explained to me what was going on with him and his recruitment.

“Im still very interested in Michigan. It’ll actually be my first Official visit. I believe the game I’ll be attending is the Norte Dame game. They’re recruiting me as a Safety. I feel like I have a good relationship with Coach Mallory, Coach Mattison, and Coach Funk. Coach Mallory and I Facebook often. I have been to Michigan three times. What I like about Michigan the most is, the style of play as well as the coaching style.

Montae seems to be a highly probable piece in this class. Montae is a solid 4*, according to 247sports. Montae still seems open. He said he’ll release a top list of schools the beginning of his season. So definitely keep an eye on him. If Michigan sticks with him. We’ll be easily in his top list of schools.

Prediction: Michigan

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Update: 2014 Athlete Juwann Winfree


Position: Wide Receiver 

Ht/Wt: 6’2″/ 185

Offers: 20- Michigan, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Michigan State, Nebraska. (Standout)

Class: 2014

Juwann is a relatively big Athlete. He definitely plays big. He returns kicks, catches passes out of the back field, and at the Receiver position. Juwann has a pretty good offer list as well. Juwann and I spoke about Michigan and his recruiting process.

” I currently do not have a top list of schools, yet. Coach Manning and I are staying in great contact. I can tell they really want me up there. Their recruiting me as a Wide Receiver. I’ll most likely make a choice of a school on Signing Day. 

Has I talked to Juwann, It was a little hard to tell If he just liked Michigan, or really liked them. I definitely can tell you If we stay in contact with him, we’ll be up there. Coach Manning has a great connection. He’s young, he’s a Michigan man, and he knows what it takes to go pro. Because, he’s been there. I can’t really say a prediction.

Update: 2014 RB Kalen Ballage


Position: Running Back

Ht/Wt: 6’2″/200

Offers: Michigan, Oregon, Oregon State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas State,Boise State,(Standout Offers)

Class: 2014

Kalen is another big running back. 6’2″ and weighing in at 220. Kalen is easily one of my favorite players that is considering Michigan. He has great speed at 40: 4.37. Kalen has good cutting skills. He beats everyone around the corner, or just puts the juke moves on them. Kalen updated me on Michigan and what’s going on with him.

“I might release a leader or top list of schools after I visit some schools. I talk to Coach Funk quite often. Coach Funk was here at my school about two weeks ago. I plan on finding much more about Michigan when I visit them. Their coaching staff, from what I know is very cool. I also like the Big House. I’m not sure when I’m deciding.

In my opinion, I think we lead with Kalen. When he visits, that’ll put a cap on it. Our only real competition is Oregon. He never mentioned distance is a factor. I do believe, he’s a legitimate prospect to land for the 2014 Class. I can tell just by the way he acted, he is really interested in Michigan. I’m really excited to see what he does.

Pick: Michigan

Update: 2015 RB Jacques Patrick


Position: Running Back

Ht/Wt: 6’1″/218

Offers: 36- Florida, FSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, Norte Dame, USC, Michigan State. (Standout Offers)

Class: 2015

Jacques is a big time player. As you can tell by his offer list, he’s well known by teams. Jacques has great size as well. Standing at 6’1″ and weighing in at 218. He’s a strong, and down hill runner. Jacques and I talked about what’s going on with his recruitment.

“Obviously, they’ve offered. I except them to come down and visit me this spring. I’ll take an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor on June 13th. They’re recruiting me as a Running Back. I can’t really tell what I like about them, because I haven’t visited yet.”

Jacques is a very tough player. If Michigan keeps at him. This could go very well. He doesn’t know much about Michigan, so he can learn now. The visit he’ll take on June 13th could boost us quickly. We’ll just have to wait and see.